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Spinning the Wheels

by Annum Ford

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To & Fro 04:11
Go to and fro, sidewalk suit soldiers. Marching to your babbleground. Take what you can from your fellow man. Run now while you’ve got the chance… The gears go grinding on, Long after you’ve gone. On and on… Praise all of the nuts And praise all of the screws, Who faithfully cling to her majesty And keep all her surfaces clean… The gears go grinding on, Long after you’ve gone. The gears go grinding on. On and on…
Every time he thinks these walls have crumbled They lay another brick Every time they think his steps have stumbled Their mind’s made mortar thick Dig your ditches Burn your bridges To the ground Fire at will There’s no chance he will Survive this round When he’s tied and bound They loved him like an employee All expenses paid Representing the company As long as they get the final say He loved you like a boss The one who calls the shots Who draws the lines he cannot cross Burn your bridges To the ground
We are all hamsters Spinning the wheels for our masters. And we all run in our circles, Going nowhere but round and round. We all live in glass boxes. Invisible walls let them watch us. Their beady eyes analyze, scrutinize. They stalk us, with no end in sight. With no end in sight. No one is safe From their gaze. Resigned to our fate, We entertain. We are all actors. We put our best foot and faces forward. The show must go on, our greatest performance. We play our parts. We play them well. We play them well. No one is safe From their gaze. Resigned to our fate, We entertain. We’re spinning round and round.
Godco™ 04:29
Knock-knock on my door To sell me your theology Only $19.95 plus tax For the deluxe package deal comes with Afterlife insurance benefits Order now and you’ll receive Salvation for all of your sins If you’ve sold your soul Buy it back from us at a low, low rate You can’t afford to pass up this great… Offer only good for a limited time Heaven’s operators standing by Get your credit cards ready Just sign on the dotted line The guilt ingrained within Won’t pay for all your sins So how much are you willing To spend on angel’s wings? Could millions be wrong? Join us and you’ll belong So go ahead and sign On the dotted line Some things you can’t buy
Fed up, no more You’ll walk right through the door You swear, you’ll settle up the score You’ve had enough The pressure’s building up And then the volcano erupts Everyday you did your best To play the prey without protest But then one day that straw just snaps And you know it was your last Again you find Yourself sucking alkaline Hanging at the end of the line Everyday you did your best To avoid the frey and ignore the jest But it’s too late, they’ve placed their bets And now they owe a debt Maybe now they’ll learn Maybe now they’ll see Now that it’s their turn To taste catastrophe Now the verdict’s in And the court’s adjourned And you’ll see they get Just what they deserve Now it’s their turn to burn


released January 1, 2004




Annum Ford Nevada

Not everything comes out of Vegas sprinkled in glitz and glamour. Formed in 2004, by life-long friends Nick Vincent (vocals/rhythm guitar), Nick Whalen (lead guitar), Jon Losey (bass) and Mike Reilly (drums), Annum Ford took their name from Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Annum Ford created a dynamic alt-rock sound that left a lasting impression until they called it quits in 2007. ... more

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